Difference between Cologne and Perfume

Published: 29th July 2009
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Perfumes are made of water, a little alcohol and essential oils. The person can go to the store and smell the scents to find out which ones are the best to get and then bring it home. Men and Women are interested to wear the Perfume to intimate their presence and specialty. A perfume is not the same as cologne, although it might smell the same and have the same proportions of essential oils. Knowing whether the scent that you own is a perfume or cologne will help you determine the best way to wear it.

What is Cologne: Cologne has much more alcohol than perfume and is not as strong. Cologne will not linger in the air as long as perfume, although it will still leave a scent that lasts. The main difference between perfume and cologne is the price for the bottle and how it is applied to the skin.

What is Perfume: Perfume is made up of animal and plant-based aromatic compounds, dissolved in a mixture of alcohol and water. Perfume uses the fragrant essential oils to treat a range of physical and psychological ailments. Aromatherapy smelling oils and fragrances to cure physical and emotional problems is being revived to help balance hormonal and body energy.

Difference between Cologne and Perfume: This Article explains Difference between Cologne and Perfume. The below are the small differences between them.

1. Cologne is a good choice if you are on a budget, but many perfumes are affordable luxuries. If you want to wear perfume but can't afford full-size bottles of it, shop around for perfume samples.
2. Essential Oils: Perfume contains the highest concentration of essential oils to alcohol (about 30% by volume). Cologne contains the lowest (about 5% to 8%).
3. Price: Perfume contains more essential oils and is more concentrated, it costs far more than cologne.
4. Freshness: Perfume lasts longer than cologne. Because perfume is so highly concentrated, a few drops applied to pulse points and your skin will last for as long as 6 to 8 hours. Cologne needs to be renewed every 2 hours or so.
5. Quantity: Apply more cologne than you would perfume. Cologne is designed to be splashed or sprayed on because of its low concentration of essential scent oils. Because of this, an 8-ounce bottle of cologne will not last as long as a 1-ounce bottle of perfume.

Whenever you have gone out to purchase perfume, you have probably noticed different sized bottles and well as different prices of the same fragrance. You have probably also noticed that some are labeled "perfume" while others are labeled "cologne." You will note that there is a big price difference between perfume and cologne. This is because cologne is simply perfume that has been more heavily diluted.

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